Tech Troubles and ARCS

As a Classrooms for the Future Coach, I often have to work with teachers who have issues with using technology in their classrooms.  I have one teacher who doesn’t see the point of integrating technology and I have others who are afraid that they will break the computer somehow.  Quite often, the biggest problems that I face are fear of trying new things, fear of breaking something, and thoughts that technology will be difficult and time consuming to use.  They will come up with reasons not to meet with me because they are too busy for technology, will not do things unless I am there to support them, or will just not be happy when I come around with ideas and suggestions.

I think that I do use the ARCS model when I try to get people to believe in using technology.  I try to catch their attention with something that is easy and appealing to them and then show them the relevance to the curriculum that they are currently using.  I work with them until they have the confidence to use the tool themselves and then sit back and watch their satisfaction when they use the tool with their students successfully.  I’ve always said that if they would give me five minutes to show them something, I could sell them on using technology in their classroom.