Practice What You Preach

Because I believe in practicing what you preach, I have decided to try and blog again.  I’m very good at starting them, but have issues carrying through.  Often I don’t feel I have anything interesting to say or share with people or I do it through microblogs like Twitter and Plurk.  Now that I am in the position of Classrooms for the Future Coach and will be teaching others about blogging and it’s benefits, I figure that I better start to really blog once again.

This blog will be a place to share information with my teachers about interesting ideas and tools for their use, information about upcoming trainings, and a place to share the positive things I see happening with technology at our school.  I hope that you will check it often, or better yet, start an aggregator and have it sent there so you don’t have to check it often (we’ll talk about that in a training session).

I have “great techpectations” for you all and look forward to working with you throughout the coming year.  Please be sure to check out my CFF Wiki and the Ning Community I’ve created for your use.